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Major Tenants

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(as of October 31, 2016)

NTT Group Companies

Tenant Leased Space (m2) Ratio(%) Property Name
1 DOCOMO CS, Inc. 8,773.13m2 3.3% Urbannet Ikebukuro Building
2 NTT BUSINESS ASSOCIE EAST Co., Ltd. 7,125.81m2 2.7% Urbannet Omori Building
3 Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd. 6,872.77m2 2.6% Rokubancho Building
4 NTT Urban Development Corporation 6,798.33m2 2.6% Tradepia Yodoyabashi (land), etc.
5 NTT DATA Corporation 5,530.68m2 2.1% Urbannet Mita Building
6 NTT FINANCE CORPORATION 5,417.28m2 2.1% Urbannet Ikebukuro Building
7 FIELDS Corporation 4,882.50m2 1.9% KN Shibuya No.3
8 NTT LEARNING SYSTEMS CORPORATION 4,801.06m2 1.8% Urbannet Azabu Building
9 Japan Display Inc. 4,140.10m2 1.6% Landic Shimbashi 2 Building
10 ITOKI CORPORATION 4,037.67m2 1.5% Urbannet Irifune Building
(Note1) "Leased space" indicates only the space leased as offices, etc., and does not include the space leased as warehouses or parking lots, etc. The figure does not include the space of residential properties leased to the relevant tenants, either.
(Note2) For co-owned properties, etc., the leased space indicates the figure calculated in proportion to the effective co-ownership interest ratio of PIC.
(Note3) NTTUD is entered as the tenant of Tradepia Yodoyabashi (land), as it is in effect the leaseholder of the relevant land (the beneficiary of the beneficiary interest in real estate trust for the entire building standing on the land as trust property). Furthermore, the leaseholder under the land leasehold establishment agreement is Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited, the trustee.